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Get It Done specialises in creating socially-impactful projects working with young people and community groups.


Our work is twofold:


1. We work directly with communities to facilitate creativity and create measurable social change.


2. We upskill young people with the tools to lead impactful projects and professionalise their creative practices. 

We do this through:

1. Producing socially-impactful projects.

We work freelance to plan, produce and execute creative projects working in co-production with community groups. We centre participants' experiences and voices to make sure they get the most out of projects. We use innovative activities through workshops and resources to encourage creativity and provoke discussion. We curate exhibitions filled with life and platform individual work. We creatively evaluate our work and report on our findings. 

See also: 

Placemaking Piccadilly

Can You Hear Me Now? with Manchester Central Foodbank

The Student House Stories with Shelter

2. Programmes, talks and workshops.

We produce programmes and give talks to young people on how to professionalise their practice. We share our story of how we went from a group of young friends filled with ideas to creating an established arts organisation working across the UK. We also speak about our experience and knowledge in our field, and advocate for socially-engaged, community and participatory arts, explaining why it is more and more important to UK society and culture. 

See also:

RISE Community Arts Programme at Manchester Metropolitan University

Social Content Creator Academy with Manchester International Festival

Getting It Done: How to Start a Collective & How can artists bring communities together?

3. Mentoring and coaching students.

We provide personalised 1-on-1 support to young people aged 16-25 to take the next steps in their career, build professional skills for development and to gain work in the creative industries.

See also:

Mentoring with The Arena

Delivering Work Placements with Arts Emergency

Manchester Art Gallery summer school programme

4. Creating events and hyperlocal interventions. 

We work with local young artists to facilitate events and hyperlocal interventions or happenings across our cities. We platform young artists through exhibitions and performances. We subvert rules to practice creativity in the most unusual of places.

See also:


Please Press Pause and Try Again Later

Listening Party

If you would like to work with Get It Done to fill your creative needs, we are keen to collaborate. Please get in contact here.

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