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What we do.

We believe a different, fairer and more unified creative future is possible; and transformative power lies in community and collaboration. Get It Done specialises in delivering socially-impactful projects working with communities and young people.


Our work is twofold:



We work directly with communities to facilitate creative projects, campaigns and events to create measurable social change.



We support creative social entrepreneurs. We upskill people with the tools to lead impactful projects, achieve innovative visions of the future and professionalise their creative practices. 

We do this through:

1. Producing socially-impactful projects.


Taking action to create a fairer world has never been more important. We produce creative campaigns, projects and events with partners to create impact on what matters most to them. We co-create campaigns with participants, led by their ideas and centering their experiences. We use creative activities to encourage engagement around a cause, build collective power and organise people to act. We are experienced at influencing change on a local and national level.

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2. Supporting creative social entrepreneurs.


With a focus on young people, we produce programmes to help people achieve their innovative visions of the future. Led by our journey from a grassroots arts collective turned established community arts organisation, we share accessible and practical tools on creative social entrepreneurship; how to get inspired by our own ideas for creative social change, and ultimately lead our own impactful projects. We share our knowledge; teaching the theory and history of transformative creative change in easy to understand formats.

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3. Creative activations.


We support artists to bring their innovative creative ideas to life, producing high-quality participatory and public art projects. Our projects provide free or low-cost opportunities to engage with creativity and culture, and connect with local heritage. Projects allow audiences to participate, collaborate and learn in radical formats, and artists to test out new elements of their creative practices.

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4. Personalised mentoring and coaching.


We provide personalised 1-on-1 support or project consultancy to help people take the next steps to achieve their creative visions or careers, building professional skills for development and gain work in the creative industries.

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Interested in collaborating? We'd like that. 

Are you looking to collaborate with a pool of community-focused creative talent for your next project? Get It Done provides high-quality and high-impact creative production services to bring your ideas to life. 


Or are you a creative looking for support to take the next steps? Reach out and let's talk about the support we can offer to help achieve that. 


Contact us and let's chat about what's possible. 

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