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The Inflatable Dome

Manchester School of Art, Manchester.
June 2019.


The Inflatable Dome is an inflatable workspace and pop up creative venue in Manchester.

​In June 2019 we created The Inflatable Dome, a portable communal workspace built for exchange, skill-share and education, providing opportunities for creatives to experiment and explore innovative new elements to personal and facilitative practice.

Inspired by the exciting architecture and arts collectives of the 60s, the dome is a shelter against the concrete city and a place to question temporary utopias in amongst Britain’s political and social climate. Almost an extension of consciousness, the bubble forms a sphere around individuals; an arena to build relationships, bridging gaps between facilitator and participant.

For two weeks in June new artists and collectives worked in the dome, running workshops, discussions, performances and projections in a range of exciting creative projects. To start, Mimi Dearing welcomed the public to the dome in a opening ceremony performance, followed the next day by Ben Prideaux's Data Scramble Portraits. After we had Phil Orton with a collage poetry and spoken word workshops, Ruby Kerr with a hair portrait embroidery workshop, Georgina Fox's creative writing by meditation workshop and Ella Fradgley's Draw & Listen workshop. To conclude the festival of activities we had fine artist Jon Rolph's experimental DJ performance art.

More information on artists and activities can be found on Instagram (@theinflatabledome). The dome is also available for hire. Click here to find our more or email us here.

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