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100 Waving Kites

Factory International, Manchester.
November 2023.


In November, Get It Done worked with Factory International to produce 100 Waving Kites for the opening of Manchester’s new landmark cultural institution Aviva Studios.

100 Waving Kites was an installation of 150 hanging kites created by 600 children across Greater Manchester, decorated with waving self-portraits.

Traditionally a playful toy for children, kites can also symbolise freedom, and in many cultures kite festivals celebrate the welcoming of a new season and prosperity for a new year. As Factory International embarks on a hugely exciting new chapter, 100 Waving Kites highlighted the next generation of creative talent and community in the city. 

In the build-up to the festival, we delivered schools workshops with young people in Key Stage 2. Working with 20 classes across schools, the workshops focused on creating a reflective space to learn new creative making skills, paint self-portraits and express identities through simple drawing techniques. A huge thank you to our facilitators: MikeSian Studios, Ayse Textiles, Amelia Hall and Ushiku Crisafulli.

During The Welcome festival, all school groups visited their kites, marking a joyful celebration of Manchester’s promising next generation and creative future.

Photography by Ronke Hart and Sampy Richard.

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