Get It Done is an arts collective and community organisation, who've been running creative programmes in Manchester since 2017. As an organisation we provide platforms for young people, make the arts accessible to wider audiences, encourage creativity and work with overlooked social groups sparking lasting change.


Injecting a youthful energy to the city, we facilitate groups and communities with opportunities for interaction, dialogue and creativity, whilst maintaining our fun and fresh ethos.


There's something lacking from Manchester's visual arts scene. And we're concerned about a few things going on in our city; those being gentrification, art elitism and the migration of young creatives leaving Manchester after graduation. This migration has a massive impact on our creative economy, and by tackling it we can encourage young people to help us unlock the city's creative potential. 

We're committed to achieving creative change for Manchester.

Who's here? Get It Done is made up of Mimi Dearing, Georgina Fox, Ruby Kerr, Imogen Ellerby-Sansom and Ben Prideaux. 


To get in touch with us, drop us an email. We're always on the look out for people to collaborate with. We want to make ideas grow. Email us at getitdone_art@outlook.com

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Mimi Dearing


We were named Manc of The Month by Cotton On MCR



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