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Get It Done envisions a world where people take creative collective action in their local communities to create impact on what matters most.

Our mission is to make grassroots tools for creative social change accessible to everyone, to feel supported and motivated to start their own thing, to get it done.


Get It Done was started in 2017 by a grassroots community of young creatives; born out of a frustration at a lack of entry-level creative opportunity, and the aim to encourage a 'doing' culture across Manchester.


Striving to demystify ‘getting things done’, we started putting on pop-up creative events and activations across the city, building a network of creatives and organisations radically changing their spaces.


Fast forward to present day and our self-initiated journey has led us to work with a range of incredible partners to provide free or low-cost opportunities to engage with creativity and culture, and connect with local communities across the UK.



We believe a different, fairer and more unified creative future is possible; and transformative power lies in community and collaboration.


We see three opportunities:

Businesses and institutions are looking to build their community and social offerings in a rapidly socially-conscious world. By linking community projects to their brand, identity, organisation through support and investment they meet responsibilities and gain access to new and untapped audiences and talent.

Following the pandemic, social isolation and individualism is more prevalent than ever, and people aren’t happy. People want to feel empowered to work collectively in their communities to change the things they care about, but feel powerless in their actions.

In addition, there is a surge of creative changemakers across the UK, especially young creative talent, looking for opportunities to create impact, support their local communities and professionalise their creative practices.

We take action. Get It Done links these three opportunities through working with communities to deliver socially-impactful projects, and supporting creative changemakers to achieve their innovative visions of the future.


Together, we get it done. Read more about what we do here.










instc 2021-05-17 001340.023.jpg


An Art Exhibition, 2017.

Who's here? Get It Done is led by Mimi Dearing (Director, Producer), Ella Marshall (Producer) and supported by Sofia Hadjiosif (Communications Assistant) and Jessie Farnsworth (Projects Assistant).


Over the years Get It Done has included an incredible host of creatives, including our two co-founders Georgina Fox and Ruby Kerr, and Imogen Ellerby-Sansom, Ben Prideaux and Maisie Smith. 


Get It Done are available to provide freelance creative production services and collaborate on your next project. If you are interested in discussing a particular project, get in touch. In addition to continuing our work in the North West of England we are currently seeking collaborations further afield both nationally and internationally.

In addition, we are constantly on the look out for new creative talent to add to our pool of freelancers. If you have particular creative skills and are available for work introduce yourself and say hi.​

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