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This week we have had Louis join the Get It Done gang as part of the Arts Emergency Work Experience week.

Tasked with learning how to use visual storytelling and graphic design to tell some of the stories we’ve been collecting with Manchester Central Foodbank, Louis created some incredible design pieces and got an insight into the creative world of work. Here's what he had to say:

"I wanted to do work experience with Get It Done, as it was an opportunity to gain experience from a creative organisation with other artistic individuals who could offer me insight into a future in design.

Throughout the week, I have learnt an array of transferable skills and experiences, I was not prior exposed too. For example, I engaged with Manchester Central Foodbank in a discussion about Get It Done’s latest project, Can You Hear Me Now? Where they are exploring ways to giving people in hunger and poverty a voice that will get heard. This gave me the opportunity and resources to educate myself on what The Trussel Trust are about and there campaign to end the need for food banks in the UK. Through the stories, testimonials and videos from food bank users across the country, I was able to express these stories into a new media of art helping raising awareness to this overlooked matter. Get It Done gave me a platform to share my art and helped me get an understanding of digital marketing, project planning and community organisation skills.

During the work experience, I have developed my graphic design skills and I have been encouraged to embrace open minded design ideas which have led me to produce a diverse embodiment of artwork. I enjoyed giving back to the community and helping those in a less fortunate position find their justice. I savour the challenge of evolving my designs, as I want to constantly improve and refine my ideas. In the future, I wish to create more art looking closely at the stories from the people of Manny. I aspire to give back and make physical change as this is Manchester, and we look out for each other!

From my week working in a socially engaged art community, besides learning new things about how creative organisations run, I be will taking away an amplified desire and confidence to a career within the artistic environment. I have loved my time with Get It Done, and I am grateful for the opportunities they have given me. I hope, I can come back in the future and help make a difference again!"

We really enjoyed having Louis work with us this week, and seeing everything he's created. Big thank you to Arts Emergency for the valuable work they do connecting young people with creative organisations.


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