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In April 2022, we launched our debut exhibition at HOME; an incredible event showcasing artworks, photography and documentaries from the past year created by Mancunian citizens, and an opportunity for the public to get involved in interactive activities and share their opinions on our city’s public spaces.


Over 200 people attended, motivated by a deep care for the transformation of our communal spaces, writing messages of support, suggestions and sharing personal experiences. We are very grateful to the hundreds of Mancunians who have participated in the campaign and brought their huge enthusiasm, ideas and heart to our campaign, and especially our amazing and inspiring team of volunteer Placemakers who have made this project and exhibition what it is. We also want to thank the organisations who have supported us including The Trussell Trust, HOME, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester.

So what’s next? Through Placemaking Piccadilly, we aim to create a truly transformatory forum and participatory space. Allowing the voices of those excluded from public discourse, consultation, and cultural life to take a central, guiding role. 


The next stage of Placemaking could be a forum where we offer grassroots groups the opportunity to outline the type of participatory projects they would like to be part of and bring our institutions into conversation to develop partnerships which can offer investment and capacity. If you would like to be part of this next phase of the project please contact us at


The Placemaking Piccadilly report is available to download, including a large-print version. You can access it below:

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