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Youth Perceptions of Poverty

The Trussell Trust, UK-wide.
August 2023.


24% of young people in the UK know someone their age that has gone hungry in the last 12 months. Stand for Change believes no child should be experiencing hunger and that, as a society, we have a collective responsibility to create a better future for young people.

Get It Done have been working on the Stand for Change campaign with national anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust since 2022. Recently The Trussell Trust commissioned us to design a report on Youth Perceptions of Poverty in the UK - a research project carried out with Ipsos.

Working with designer Azizah Raghib, we created an exciting document suitable across audiences. The goal was for anyone to pick up this report and find the information accessible and engaging; all the way from a teenager to an MP.

The research has been reported on by youth-focused media including Newsround on CBBC, The Week Junior and by youth-focused influencers.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Trussell Trust and the Stand for Change programme in the Autumn.

You can access the report here:

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