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What's an Art Festival Anyways?

Didsbury Arts Festival.
June 2024 - 2026


We're beginning an exciting new partnership with Didsbury Arts Festival; What's an art festival anyways?

Over the next two years, Get It Done will be leading a widespread community consultation around the Didsbury and South Manchester region, to understand the role of local arts festivals in building community and promoting contemporary art.

Our goal is to transform Didsbury Arts Festival into a platform celebrating and amplifying inclusive contemporary arts practices in Didsbury and the neighbouring communities. Through inclusive programming and active community engagement, we aim to expand ownership of the festival; reflecting diverse local voices and fostering meaningful connections between artists, audiences, and local residents.

The first phase of our reimagining will consult with and gather feedback from the community through a variety of methods, actively ensuring all people's feedback is heard. We will also map out artists, creative organisations, grassroots community groups and businesses local to the surrounding areas.

The second phase begins towards the end of this year, inviting a steering group to take the lead in co-designing a new future for Didsbury Arts Festival. We aim to launch the new festival in 2026.

If you are interested in learning more about the restructuring of Didsbury Arts Festival, or if you want to understand how to include local communities in your events, contact

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