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Manchester School of Art, Manchester.
March 2019.


In December 2018 we were awarded a micro-commission by AxisWeb as part of the Site in Flux Beyond The Gallery programme.

​Based around the tradition of Speaker’s Corner (a practice where everyday people got the change to stand on their soapbox and talk about the issues that matter most to them), we took over Manchester School of Art on Thursday 7th March, bringing an intervention of spoken word artists, poets and performers, discussing what matters most to their communities.

We believe if there’s anything to fix this weird world we live in; it’s conversation. People were able to sit, listen and talk, or get active and involved by hanging their grievances out to dry on the washing line - there was plenty of opportunity to participate and get involved.

​The event was a great success, and we had great responses and overwhelming positive feedback about listening to some excellent spoken word on their lunch break. Big thanks to our performers Lydia Mac, Hannah Dixon, Annie Pearson, Chantelle Fagan-Clarke, Phil Orton, Lauren Poole and Maddie Ismael.

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