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Please Press Pause

Antwerp Mansion, Manchester.
October 2018.


On 2nd October 2018 we put on our first Mansion night Get It Done presents: 'Please press pause and try again later', an arts wonderland jam packed into the iconic crumbling Antwerp Mansion. We staged performances, live art, comedy, spoken word, experimental music, even a meditation workshop.

​Downstairs we had artists Mollie Balshaw, Indianna River, Jess Mone, Hannah Vigus, Ben Prideaux, Kit Warren, Phil Orton and Mimi Dearing all reflecting on what it means to pause and resume; through film, installation, sculpture, photography and even an interactive green screen booth.

​Upstairs was a festival of exciting events. We transformed the room to create a zen palace in the crumbling mansion, for people to relax, and take a pause. With the opportunity to get your own live scramble data portrait, we had a lineup of Meditation 101 w/ Briony Gunson, the bizarre 'business presentation' by comedians Excellence In You (a performance of pig crumbs, the 20 N's and listening to stories of Sam's grandad eat a sheep's head: friends for life, colleagues even longer), The Spoken Word Power Half Hour with Roma Havers and Haider Saleem, rounded off by experimental drone musician Kindness.​

​Poster design by Bill Humpage.

Photos by Alex Gray.

Video by Sam Guy and Barney Wilson.

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