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Manchester Community Map

Manchester Central Foodbank.


In 2022 Get It Done undertook a new pilot project with MCF called ‘Welcome to Manchester!’ working with people using foodbanks to map out the city centre; exploring free public cultural and creative activities and signposting available help on a wealth of issues. Together we co-created an exciting collaborative fold-out risograph map, filled with drawings by participants, a manifesto for Manchester and a Mancunian dictionary to learn the best slang.

The Manchester Community & Culture Map was established by participants at Manchester Central Food Bank with creative facilitation from Get It Done.​ During a number of community mapping workshops, participants established key community assets, cultural landmarks and places where individuals can seek help and advice. through a series of build-up workshops. Workshops included a disposable camera photo walk around the centre, drawing and collaging activities to map out our favourite spots, and an opportunity to creatively reflect on the future and ask how our cities can support us better through culture and creativity.

These maps are an opportunity for communities in Manchester impacted most by poverty to take the lead in supporting their neighbours and residents, celebrating local identities through a fun, creative project. Most general maps fail to account for the wider social and cultural values we attribute to our spaces. By creating maps like these filled with stories and personality, we protect and archive the memories and held value of our places that get lost through generations.

The project was originally born from Can You Hear Me Now? and working with people from migrant backgrounds who reported not knowing about their local area or what Manchester has to offer. In an increasingly diverse county, it’s important that we highlight and share our Mancunian identity and welcoming spirit.

We are looking to increase our offering of maps, expanding to other areas. These maps signpost information about local services in an appealing way; services that are curated by the people who use them, raising awareness of free local activities, and increasing engagement with local heritage and culture.

To view the digital map click here.

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