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Making Money Work

The Trussell Trust, Abergele.
October 2023.


In October 2023, we began a new project, Making Money Work, with The Trussell Trust, continuing our work on the Stand for Change programme

Most of us leave school scratching our heads thinking how on earth do I budget for my daily costs? Pay rent, bills and tax? Save for a pension? Take out a loan? And get a credit card? All at the same time...

Making Money Work will build a creative toolkit for young people aiming to improve financial education and help them make informed financial decisions. The toolkit will signpost and connect young people with local financial services, and increase community cohesion to encourage them to seek financial and holistic support in the community.

How can we reframe finances through creativity, community and fun? We visited Abergele, Wales, on 7-8th October 2023 for our first fun weekend residential, packed full of creative workshops and activities to start co-designing the toolkit. We look forward to working closely with The Trussell Trust in 2024 to develop this.

Stand for Change is a campaign by The Trussell Trust, working with young people across the UK experiencing poverty. This is our third educational toolkit made with the Stand for Change campaign. In May 2022 we created a Social Action Project toolkit, to help young people lead their own community projects, and an Anti-Poverty Educators toolkit, understanding how we can better support young people experiencing poverty.

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