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Building an Anti-Poverty Community

Manchester Central Foodbank.
July 2023.


On 6th July 2023, Get It Done co-ordinated the Anti-Poverty Summit, a grassroots-led summit celebration of the first phase of Building an Anti-Poverty Community.

Building an Anti-Poverty Community is a new campaign led by Manchester Central Foodbank, with Something to Aim For, Barlow Moor Community Association and The Dandedelion Community, funded by Innovate UK, striving towards eradicating and preventing poverty in the city of Manchester.

The campaign aims to unite a network of organisations creating anti-poverty frameworks, to provide joined-up solutions maximising the resources we already have available and reaching those whose needs and voices are easiest to ignore.

Building from our four year creative partnership with Manchester Central Foodbank, we were honoured to co-ordinate such an energetic event, taking audiences on an interactive journey through the campaign; capturing visions of what an anti-poverty community could look like, understanding the regional challenges, existing provisions and identified gaps in support, mapping examples of best practices across the city and pledging commitment to the next stage of the campaign.

Get It Done's events prioritise interactivity and accessible forms of communication, framing content in a playful but professional style. At each point of our journey there were ways for attendees to participate; constructing a 'community foundations' jenga block tower, drawing their visions of an anti-poverty community, adding to our map and pledging support via sticker voting.

For our campaigns work, it's important to curate joined-up and professional communication, allowing audiences to buy into the campaign and place firm confidence in the next stages.

It was an excellent turn-out of over 150 individuals, organisations and elected officials, and a powerful moment of standing together and committing support. We are looking forward to the next five years of this campaign as the community arts partner and seeing what's next.

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