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An Art Exhibition

Goodstock Gallery Space, Manchester.
December 2017.


December 10th 2017 marked the first exhibition by Get It Done. Inspired by the get-up-and-go attitude of the Sex Pistols' gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall that marked the punk youth creative revolution, the idea of getting it done was born to us. Get It Done: An Art Exhibition was a celebration, a punky do-it-yourself celebration of young Manchester's creatives, sticking up two fingers to the pretentious gallery 'art scene'.

Including artwork by MOTLEY, Keith Bloody Mary, Louis Butler, Charlie Williams, Sam O'Leary, Lauren Eastwood-Roberts, Amber Queally, Steph Ross, Emma Plover and performances from Sarah Macias and Nobels Auction (Sam O'Leary, Kevin Boardman and Liam Senior-Watson), showing and selling us works from the entirely fictional 'A Cultural Hotbed'. And of course work from Get It Done girls Mimi Dearing, Georgina Fox and Ruby Kerr in the form of an installation piece on the gentrification Manchester is facing. 

Photos by Alex Gray.

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