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Liverpool Exhibitions Review

We visited Liverpool for a fun day of creative inspiration. Always astounded at the contemporary art Liverpool has to offer and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

Liverpool Art exhibition review
Jenkin Van Zyl at FACT Liverpool

🌟 Jenkin Van Zyl at FACT Liverpool

A hallucinatory film of queering capitalism, consumerist hedonism and surreal thrusting latexed dancers, screened in the belly of an inflatable rat. Say no more…

🌟 Uma Breakdown at FACT Liverpool

Fusing Gothic narratives, a sci-fi tale of trans solidarity and a symbolic game world to explore time, identity and collective care.

🌟 Tim Spooner at The Bluecoat

Experimental quivering animatronic sculptures and a retrospective of diverse works that explore creation myths and metaphysics.

🌟 A Place of Our Own at Open Eye Gallery

Exploring local pride, memory and cultural regeneration, reimagining the high street through photography.

Get yourself down and check it out!


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