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Get It Done is an artist-led community organisation based in Manchester and London. Since 2017 we have been platforming young creatives and working in co-production with community groups to spark lasting change.


Born out of a frustration a lack of creative opportunities in Manchester, and how young people were being left out of the important conversations being had around the city, Get It Done was formed on an ethos of open dialogue, collaboration and creativity with a mission to make grassroots tools for creative arts accessible to everyone, to start their own thing, to get it done.


Since 2017 we have worked with a wide range of partners to deliver impactful creative social projects; including working with UK charity Shelter to lead a campaign on youth housing issues, running creative critical thinking programmes for young people with diverse experiences at Manchester Art Gallery and co-ordinating arts festivals filled with performances, live art, workshops and talks. We have a track record of enabling young people and communities to thrive. 


Most recently we have been working with Manchester Central Foodbank users to give access to creative expressions related to their experiences of poverty. Together we have developed an interactive online web archive of stories of poverty and, with the help of Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham’s help, delivered 1150+ creative activity packs to individuals living in food poverty and four partner schools across Greater Manchester.


For all of her work managing Get It Done, Mimi Dearing was made a finalist for the Young Creative of the Year at the Manchester Culture Awards 2019.


Who's here? Get It Done is lead by Mimi Dearing, but has included an incredible host of artists and thinkers, including two co-founders Georgina Fox and Ruby Kerr, and Imogen Ellerby-Sansom, Ben Prideaux and Maisie Smith. 


We are constantly on the look out for new creatives and organisations to collaborate with - particularly now based in London. 


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Young Creative of The Year

Manchester Culture Awards 2019

Mimi Dearing

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