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Creative Activity Packs

(Manchester Central Foodbank, Manchester)
January 2020 - present

As part of our project Can You Hear Me Now? during the pandemic we had to pivot our outputs to find accessible ways to work with foodbank users during restrictions. 

These activity packs have been designed by the Get It Done team to let imaginations run wild, whilst also encouraging participants to think critically about our Manchester communities and how we can collectively create change post-pandemic. The activity packs are both very personal and intensely local, and reflect our stories about our communities.

The activity packs are split into three sections. In Activities for Me, we focus on identity, mindfulness and reflection, with zine making, diary writing and matisse newspaper collaging. Activities for the Community focuses on building strength and connections in local communities; we ask our neighbours if they speak other languages, make protest banners and redesign Piccadilly Gardens. Finally, in Activities for the World we think big and reimagine our society, designing our ideal community leader (what do they look like? Who do they represent?), make a manifesto for them, and then design our dream community space, being as silly as you want - water slides and hot tubs of course permitted.

So far, and with Andy Burnham's help, we have delivered 1150 creative packs to residents living in poverty across Greater Manchester, including working with four partner schools. Our aim is to continue distributing free activity packs filled with resources to get people creative across the city.


These packs are available to buy yourself, in a buy one give one model. You can purchase one here. If you are a community group that would benefit from the activity packs, or would like to discuss them further, say hello here.

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