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Saturday 16th October 2021


Piccadilly Gardens


Come along for the People’s Takeover of Piccadilly Gardens with Manchester Central Foodbank and arts organisation Get It Done. 


We’ll be embracing the traditions and potential of the public square by bringing the voices and artwork of people across Greater Manchester, sparking new conversations about what a post-pandemic city and world should look like, sharing our experiences of the past 18 months and addressing the barriers that people face when accessing public spaces.


We will have fun, creative activities for all ages, with a line-up of events going on throughout the day. All day you can come along to design your dream Piccadilly Gardens, share your opinion on how to make the space more suitable and contribute to our podcast. At 11am we’ll be joined by Invisible Manchester for a free alternative tour of the city, from their tour guides with previous experiences of homelessness. See Piccadilly Gardens and the city through a different lens, and hear about the culture, people, music and sports that make our city special.


At 1pm, we’ll be doing a sketch walk around the city with artist and architectural designer Freya Bruce. With no artistic skill needed, together we’ll be creating a drawn record of the square on that day, and have your drawings published in an online interactive map after the event!


At 2pm join us in a discussion circle right at the heart of the action. We’ll be inviting key voices from across the city to discuss how we can create an inclusive vision for central Manchester, followed by a final celebration at 3pm, sharing our community tapestry and your voices from throughout the day!

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December 2021 - TBD

Time TBD

Location TBD

Link here.

In December we'll be coming together to exhibit all our work on the campaign, from our creative community consultations to our pop-up events to the collaborative tapestry. At the exhibition, we'll also be presenting our findings to the council, backed by the voices of ordinary Mancunians from across the region and a coalition of partner organisations and charities fighting for social change in our city. 

Towards the end of our campaign you can find more information on findings and our exhibition here.