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© 2020 Get It Done, Manchester, UK

We're currently working with Manchester Central Foodbank on a six month creative project designed to give foodbank users a steer in their own narratives of poverty, challenging traditional media portrayals of who foodbank users really are.

The project will be comprised of a series of creative workshops, responsive publications, oral histories and an exhibition. 

Alongside the project we're working with creative students in Manchester to explore creative distribution and activism techniques in raising awareness of these individual stories. 

Over the coming weeks we'll be updating on the development of the project and our work with foodbank users and young people across Manchester.

We are grateful to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester for providing the funding to make this project possible. 


(Manchester Central Foodbank, Manchester)
January - June 2020



Are you a young person who's interested in exploring creative activism? Come along to our meetup on Wednesday 12th February.